Golf Course Living

  • There are so many wonderful advantages to living on a golf course or in a
    golf course community – from the high property values and quality
    school districts that usually are nearby, to the other community
    amenities and golf at your fingertips, living on a golf course is living
    the dream.
  • Beyond the obvious point of living either on, near or adjacent to a golf course, living in a golf course community comes with some distinct advantages. Heightened and stable property values aside, golf course communities are often zones to highly rated school districts and located in close proximity to bustling restaurant/grocery/entertainment hubs.
  • Also, not surprisingly, are the extremely low levels of criminal activity in golf course communities. Those communities that are gated or feature a guarded entryway to monitor all traffic in and out (such as Bear Creek) experience almost no reported cases of criminal activity of any kind

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