Short Sales and Foreclosure Resources

Are you one of the 2.8 million borrowers who owe more on their home than what its worth? Many homeowners hang on in distress for years, struggling with jobs, health and increasing age until the stress finally forces a sale.

Use these valuable resources to help you understand what options you may have and what the process is like in a short sale or foreclosure situation.

You Have Options!

As your trusted real estate professional, it is my primary responsibility to inform distressed borrowers/sellers of their options. Along with recommending financial and legal assistance, we will sit down and discuss your situation and determine the best solution for your financial distress.

If you want to keep your home we can talk about your options to refinance, do a lender workout, ask for a forbearance or do a loan modification.

If you cannot keep your property, you can sell it and bring cash to closing, ask for a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, attempt a short sale, or foreclosure.

It’s never easy to talk to a stranger about your financial difficulties, but I am just a phone call away if you want to discuss your options. I was one of many homeowners to lose their home to foreclosure in 2010 and I would love to share my story. I often wonder if I had a real estate professional in my corner, if my situation would have been have different. I guess I will never know.  For now, I know I can do my part to council you to make the best decision for you and your family.

Just use the contact form on this page and I will contact you as soon as possible.